The Difference with Lodestar

We create ongoing Win-Win Partnerships with our Customers: We understand the process and commitment in selecting a broker. Our process gives us vital insight into your company. Our company has the customer service that you can count on each and every day. We bring consistency, energy and fun to our work.

Lodestar Freight Solutions specializes in point to point transportation service within the United States and Canada. With absolutely no handling on route transit times are excellent and damages virtually never occur. From the point of origin right through to our final destination Lodestar Freight Solutions monitors every aspect of the shipment process, while providing you with email updates daily.  As a supplement to you and your team, we source the marketplace for the most efficient means in moving your shipments.  

It begins with a face to face discussion where we gather details about you, your needs and what is important to you when you are choosing your freight broker. We identify key issues about your organization, responsibilities and the values of the company. Throughout this process, we work directly with you to deliver the experience and guarantee to give you the highest quality performance. We have the talent, the determination, and the experience.

Wesley Campbell

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Core Values

“This is how we continue to build our reputation – and will grow to exceed it. After all, our reputation is only as good as you say it is.”

Wesley Campbell

Giving Back

Charities We Support

Office Address

2904 South Sheridan Way
Suite #204
Oakville, ON L6J 7L7

Phone Number

Office: 905.829.4004
Toll-Free: 1.877.720.7702
Toll Free Fax : 1.877.843.9168